Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Guest Blogger - Kristina Jackson

A very warm welcome goes out to author and publisher Kristina Jackson, my guest today as part of our MasterKoda Facebook & Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour. Today Kristina will tell us about her favorite author. 

Favourite Author

By Kristina Jackson

I seem to have been asked this question a lot off late. The answer is between Tolkien and Terry Pratchett. For the purposes of this TTC VBT post I have chosen Terry Pratchett. Just don’t ask me to choose one book!

Terry Pratchett has a style of writing and a humour that is so far up my street; it lives in my front garden. When I lived with my parents I would laze in the bath after everyone had gone to bed and read. I would often get told to ‘shut up’ as I laughed out loud at various points. Now I have a home and family of my own, I still wallow in the bath either listening to, or reading Terry Pratchett but no longer get told to shut up, as my family have gotten used to it!

Pratchett writes characters that are not only believable, but you expect to see walking down the street. That would even go for Detritus the Troll or one of the Dwarves.  Or even Nanny Ogg or Granny Weatherwax flying across the moon. His books offer an escapism into a realm that is so believable you have to remember when you come back out if it, you cannot point a finger and blow the wheels off a cart!

Although I don’t have a favourite book, I do have favourite characters as such, and I am more likely to read the works of his that include these characters a multiple of times! There is the aforesaid Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, and also Magrat Garlik. Also Commander Vimes and Lady Ramkin, Captain Carrot and Sargent Angua. The book that probably pips as one of my favourites is Wyrd Sisters which includes Nanny and Granny. Close to that is Guards! Guards! Where we meet commander Vimes. (who is then Captain Vimes).

If you have a slightly warped sense of humour, I would most certainly recommend reading his works!

Interesting characters, Kristina. 

Let's hear a little about Kristina, and her book The Fool's Journey, under her pen name Kay Darling.

"One day you will write your own book, just let your heart guide you."

Those were the immortalised words of my teacher in the 5th Year of Primary School; I was 8 at the time. I'd just had a short story published in the school magazine, and won a prize of a book for my privilege. I knew I had wanted to write since I could write sentences. 28 years later I am realising that dream.

I am Kristina Jackson. I am in my mid thirties, wife, mother of two, owner of one dog and slave to two cats. One of my cats, Bono, is my writing companion. He is often found sharing my lap with my laptop or partially draped over the keyboard if I am using the laptop on the desk.

I suffer from a condition called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) I have become disabled by it, but as physical doors have shut the mental ones opened. Now I have so many ideas, and the ideas are throwing out so many characters who are each threatening to run away with my remaining sanity.

It is anybody's guess where this will now lead.

The Fool's Journey

Moira thinks she has everything she wants… The job, the house, the clothes but why is she still so unhappy?

Her world falls apart when she witnesses a terrible crime. Running away she comes across a psychic fair and a spur-of-the-moment decision to have a tarot card reading changes everything. The reading helps her see what she should do. When she quits her job, sells her home and moves to Wales, friends and family start to believe she is losing her sanity.

Can learning to read Tarot cards, help Moira learn more about herself and guide her to a happier future? Will the cards also be able to help her with her unwanted poltergeist guest or more disturbingly the handsome neighbour?

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Thank you, Katrina Jackson, for visiting with us today. You are an amazing young lady!

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  1. You know I keep hearing about Terry Pratchett recently I will have to check with Larry to see if I've read him or if he has been ruled out for one of my sensibilities. Great post.