Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meet the Multi Talented Martin "Mott" Reaves

Today's guest blogger is definitely not Joe Average. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag. If you want to know more about Martin "Mott" Reaves you must read it for yourself! A very warm welcome, Mott!

Humoring the Muse

When I entered the rather crowded world of blogging, I was a 44-year-old blog virgin. I suppose I subscribed to the advice of countless young virgins since time immemorial: Lay back and think happy thoughts. OK. Fair enough.

 I was told this kind of thing could be addictive...I am still unsure about that.  So far, I have landed on “time-consuming” as the most apt descriptor.  But it is fun, and so far I haven’t gone blind…so I shall continue.  If it does turn out to be addictive, those of you following may consider yourselves in a co-dependent relationship.

So, why "Humoring the Muse"? I suppose it is my way of not writing; or writing when I should be capital "W" Writing. If I may: Muses are these Greek goddess chicks who were supposed to be the source of inspiration for all things artistic or literary. I've always imagined what they would look like and how they would behave; perhaps Charlize Theron and whispered promises of the rewards that come to those who Write and Write well. Or, if I'm feeling retro, maybe a Grace Kelly Muse, or Marilyn Monroe, or...well, you feel me. And perhaps there are those who have such delicate and curvy inspiration. Nicholas Sparks, for instance, could only write what he writes with something soft and gauzy floating nearby.  Kudos, Nick.

My Muse, unfortunately, looks disturbingly like Ramona Quimby (look it up, there are no free rides here) and stands just over my right shoulder poking me incessantly with her grimy, fingernail-gnawed-to-the-quick index finger, repeating over and over in her five-year-old nasal: "Shouldn't you be writing? Shouldn't you be writing? Why aren't you writing right now? Why? Huh? Whyyyy????"  If I didn't feel on some level that I actually do need her irritation (like the grain of sand in the oyster, don'tcha know), I'd clock that little bee-ahtch into next week.

Anyway, there are times (like now) when I feel like Writing, but not so much like I figure if I can write (small "w") here, then maybe, just maybe, that little snit will leave off poking me and go watch Cartoon Network for a while. I will have humored her and flexed my writing muscle a bit and can go to bed with a clear conscience...and that's worth a bit of literary deception any day.

A few questions, if I may be so bold? 
How has blogging enhanced your world? 
Has it enriched you, or simply become a way not to Write that Great American Novel you know you have hiding within?
What does your Muse look like?

I’m interested, I really am.  Discussion is good for the soul.

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 Martin Reaves is a writer primarily of suspense/thrillers with a psychological edge. And sometimes horror...or humor...heck, even romance. (Aren't all these things connected on some level?).  Upon turning 48 he realized he was no longer 47...he wasn't sure what to do with this information so he moved on.  Martin is very happily married to his childhood sweet-patootie, and has two incredible adult daughters who he considers among his best friends.  Reading and Writing are twin first-loves, followed by music (he is a musician and singer and has been performing semi-professionally for longer than he'd care to think about).  When not selling plastic to pay the bills, he (and his books) can be found here:


  1. I began this world of blogging a year ago and each "blogging" day, I struggle with what to write or if I should do a book review, ect...but it seems to always fall together. Some days no one comments, others, I have quite a few, no matter, I am beginning to like it. I am a new writer, in fact I was 47 when I began writing my first book. I am close to launching, and for me that means I am about 6 months away after revisions and edits, but this 3 and a half year journey has been amazing to say the least. I wouldn't trade it for anything and only just started staying home to write full time.
    I can appreciate the "why aren't you writing" scenario, I've been there myself. If only it worked that way, where you punch a clock and get to work. But alas, it does not, and some days I can write like the wind, others, not so much, but it is a wonderful part of my life!

    I love thrillers and murder mysteries. I will check out your books. My other fun past time is of course, reading. I read across several genres and appreciate all. Thanks for your post, I loved your muse, and enjoyed the snickers and giggles!

  2. Lisa, so glad to have dragged out a snicker and giggle--success! :-) Congrats on your upcoming launch--nothing more exciting than seeing those hours of solitude finally pay off. I wish you all the best with your writing (and, of course, your non-writing, heh-heh). If you do get a chance to check out my books, I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

  3. Ramona Quimby? You poor thing. Mine is non-descript except that it's definitely a male. Is that acceptable? Blogging has actually helped me tremendously. I had stopped writing for 20 years to raise my children. I started out by using my blog to free write and get comfortable with writing again. My great American novel (except that it's not a novel) has been written privately. The most fun thing to come out of my blogging experience was a sudden inspiration to write poetry for the first time in my life and I have found it personally very rewarding but I depend entirely on my muse for inspiration. I don't sit down to write a poem until most of it is already in my head. Good questions and very entertaining post, despite the little "w". :)

  4. I always thought of blogging as journaling, which I never liked because I tended to get maudlin. My journals were depressing so my blog is mostly a place to put my short short stories, book reviews, humor and pathos slices of life. To have your blog read you must read other blogs so this leaves little time for me to actually write new blogs. It does get me exposure for my prime directive--getting my book,. . . And the Whippoorwill Sang,written as a death bed promise to my lost teenage daughter, read throughout the world. If it takes blogging to help attain that goal then blogging it is!!

  5. Blogging keeps me grounded, pure and simple. It has enhanced my life...helped me connect to my readers in ways that my book cannot. Bertha...the star of Bertha-Size Your Life! is also my muse...redhair...spandex...high-heels...and of a certain age...sometimes carries a flamingo while dissing the cat. Sorry you asked?