Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Soul Connections, Book IV of the Dacque Chronicles - Regression Excerpt

“I would now like you to travel back further in time to when you were just a small baby, then keep going back further to before you were born, and now picture yourself in a tunnel. The tunnel is not confining in any way but has lots of room in it, and it gradually slopes downward. You are slowly sliding down this tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel you can now see a light. As you slide further and further along, the light gets brighter and brighter and soon you will reach the end of the tunnel. When you exit from the tunnel, you will land gently on your feet in a previous lifetime. Are you out of the tunnel yet?”
“Please describe for me what you see.”
“We are in a courtroom. A man is asking me questions; accusing me of being a witch.”
“Can you tell me where this courtroom is located?”
“Salem Village.”
“In what area is Salem Village located?”
“It is in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.”
“What year is this taking place?”
“Are you a witch?”
“Why have you been accused of being a witch?”
“A neighbor girl told the local authorities that she often sees me talking to nobody.”
“And that is a good enough reason to accuse you of being a witch?”
“Apparently. Over a hundred people have already been accused of being witches in this area. They hung some of them, already.”

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Soul Connections, Book IV of the Dacque Chronicles.

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