Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Earth Before the Creation of Man

A brief explanation to this point is probably a wise choice. Try to picture the earth as it is today, and then erase all humans and all things created by humans. Pretty nice, peaceful picture is it not? Of course things have changed over the eons, but that gives you an idea of what the earth looked like before man was created. I have not clearly explained the need for man as of yet. It is complicated. The very, very short version is that wayward souls learned that they had the ability to project themselves into animals, birds, fish, trees, rocks, etc., similar to how souls project themselves into newborns today. This was not part of God's plan, but you might say that these wayward souls found a loophole in God's plan. Amilius was apparently the highest developed soul and/or God's right hand soul. God and/or Amilius came up with the idea that a new creature could be created that was a more suitable habitat for the souls who wanted to experience life as residents on the earth. Enter Adam, but even that story is not as simple as portrayed in the Bible.

Excerpt from Chapter 50 of The Soul of Jesus.

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