Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heart-Warming Review for The Soul of Jesus

Thank you, P.S. Winn, for a definitely heart-warming review of The Soul of Jesus.

Karmic connections!, March 16, 2014

By P.S. Winn
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This review is from: The Soul of Jesus (Kindle Edition)

This beautiful book is great for readers of all faiths and beliefs. It tells the story of the souls of Jesus with help from the Bible and Edgar Cayce's wonderful readings. Who doesn't want to learn more about Jesus. Things like the color of his eyes or his robe? These descriptions are sadly lacking in the Bible. A lovely story in itself, but one sadly with much missing in the context. Perhaps some day the whole story will be revealed, until then, Doug Simpson had given us this wonderful book so we can contemplate what it was truly like in the time of Jesus. This book deals with the controversial subject of reincarnation in a scholarly way with a lot of research put in to it. Great job writing and delivering the facts that all should know. Thank you for this interesting work!

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