Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Soul of Jesus' First Book Review

Thank you Brenda Perlin for the first review of The Soul of Jesus.

The Soul of Jesus! January 20, 2014
By brendaperlin
Format:Kindle Edition |Amazon Verified Purchase

Though this is not my usual subject matter of preference I found myself interested and reeled in by the facts of this story. At times documents seem unrealistic and at other times seem believable. You can make up your own mind but the authentic writings are quite compelling. The author’s language is relaxed and his information is easy to follow. This is an insightful read that I kept reading in hopes of forming my own opinion given the facts laid out as they were.

With an open mind, a reader can walk away considering the possibilities that these concepts are conceivable or not?

"Our souls choose a particular body to reside in, in order to attempt to counter some past negative karma and/or advance its growth towards the desired God-like state. Unfortunately, the conscious minds of most humans have no knowledge of their soul's goals for its current incarnation, and often human willpower intercedes, resulting in no or negative soul growth. Reincarnation readings from Edgar Cayce helped many individuals follow the goals of their souls."

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